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Titanium Dioxide TiO2

Zexi USA is the official distributor of:
  • Hubei Gurun Technology Co., Ltd
Hubei Gurun is a reputable manufacturer with a consistently stable and environmentally sustainable production reputation. With its mature patented techniques, Gurun, produces their own key raw materials for them manufacturing of their products. Their environmental protection equipment is highly advanced, and their products are certificated by the Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service. Their production will not be easily affected by the government's environmental management. Their main products are TPO, TPO-L, ITX, and Cationic photoinitiators.
  • Ningxia Vocaron New Material Co., Ltd
Ningxia Vocaron is a fast-growing and competitive manufacturer in cost control. Their factories utilize automation technology for nearly all the equipment, resulting in minimal labor costs. They also have environmental facilities to dispose the waste. They produce the own key raw materials to ensure their stable and persistent manufacturing process.The speed of the company's development is tremendous, and they have won a large share of the Chinese market in a short time. Vocaron is already ranked among the top 3 manufacturers in China for producing 184, 907, and 1173. They help their customers achieve lower costs and shorter time to the market. 
  • Chengdu Zexi Chemical Co., Ltd
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Zexi USA is representing the following manufacturers:

  • CITIC Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of TiO2 using chloride​ process

  • Shandong Doguide Group Co., Ltd. - Famous manufacturer of rutile TiO2

  • Pangang Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. - Leading manufacturer of TiO2 in China

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