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  • CITIC Titanium Industy Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of Tio2 using chloride‚Äč process

  • Shandong Doguide Group Co., Ltd. - Famous manufacturer of rutile Tio2

  • Pangang Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. - Leading manufacturer of Tio2 in China

  • Panzhihua Tianiun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. - Largest manufacturer of anatase Tio2


Zexi USA is constantly on the search for photoinitiators. We are currently representing four manufacturers of photoinitiators and we would be happy to give your company a quote on any of the photoinitiators currently available to us or help you source the photoinitiators that you need. We are always interested to work with companies that put a high value, not only on price, but on consistency in supply and quality. We can certainly make your search more productive!